Our Story…

BEGINNINGS: The roots of the Orphan Bloodline world developed during a D&D campaign when a player wanted to bring handguns into a high fantasy setting. After discussing it, the DM determined that the gap between high fantasy and sci-fi fantasy could to be bridged, so the first character “Ace” was born shooting blood bullets from railguns. It was a huge hit!

STORIES BASED IN HISTORY: The storylines in Orphan Bloodline are supported by real world history. Points in time where exact historical elements are unknown is a great place to start a new thread. If done right, the audience may end up believing they are discovering a true hidden historical conspiracy! There’s an endless number of plotlines that can be pursued in this historical fiction world. Some of the most fun in creating Orphan Bloodline came from taking bits of history and developing a preface to explain where those historical elements originated, all the while keeping well known provable facts in tact.

CHARACTERS: When creating characters in this complex world, both the biological conditions (Blood Powers) and scientific adaptations (Biomachinery Enhancements) must be based somewhat in reality. Orphan Bloodline isn’t just another superhero comic where anything goes because the author said so. Understanding where both power and weakness originate can make for a more relatable and impactful character. Turning disease as a super power turns a negative into a positive, and people in real pain now have a new light to see their trauma in.

UPCOMING STORYLINES: Several historical plotlines are in the works for future Chapters of Orphan Bloodline, including:

  • – Creation of the first Witch Coven
  • – Making of the first Tarot Deck
  • – How Mesmerism / Hypnosis was created
  • – Connection between Gypsies and Dracula
  • – Importance of Chichén Itzás Cenotes to The Bloodline
  • – How Rasputin actually died
  • – The Bloodline connections within Japanese Yakuza
  • – Old Croatian vampiric story of Jure Grando
  • – How Persian Emperor Xerxes’ Immortal troops were created
  • – What actually caused Chernobyl’s meltdown
  • – Japanese Emperor Meiji’s connection with The Bloodline
  • – …and more…
  • .

COLLABORATION: Published authors (self-published is OK) who want to tell a story in comic form in the Orphan Bloodline world are welcome to submit story arcs for evaluation. If accepted, this publishing house will be in a support role guiding artwork production around the new story, while the authors enjoy the captains chair governing the artistic creation process bringing more of this world to life!

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